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Natural Language Processing Research Re-Launched and Open for Submissions
September 15th, 2022

Natural Language Processing Research has been re-launched by Athena International Publishing and is now open for new submissions. Since its launch in 2019 the journal has been published by Atlantis Press which was acquired by Springer Nature at the beginning of 2021. Two double issues were published in 2020 and 2021, but after the acquisition of Atlantis Press it was decided to discontinue the journal and transfer its ownership back to the Founding Editor. As of 2023 (Volume 2), Athena International Publishing is the new publisher of Natural Language Processing Research which will continue as a half-yearly publication with issues scheduled in June and December. All articles published in the journal before this transfer will also be migrated to the Athena platform. Kan Li will continue as the journal's Editor-in-Chief while the Editorial Board remains largely unchanged. Natural Language Processing Research is now open for submissions which will be temporarily accepted via email until the setup of the new online submission system is completed. For more information on how to submit an article to this journal, please click here.